The abundance of sunshine on Cape Town’s long stretches of beautiful sandy beaches, rolling mountains, lush winelands and scenic golf courses inspired us over 10 years ago to start our headwear business. The South African sun taught us the importance of protecting yourself against the sun's harmful UV rays while enjoying time outdoors. We aim to share our sun protection expertise with you by offering you a wide range of stylish, fashionable, premium quality sun hats, many of them with the highest grade of sun protection: UPF50+. 

The UPF50+ certified sun hats on our website have undergone extensive testing by independent laboratories in Australia and South Africa and have been specially verified as meeting the strict UPF50+ regulations. Both countries are known for their sunny climates and high UV levels and have a focus on premium sun protection. Sun hats featured with the UPF50+ logo on our website will therefore offer your skin the best protection against the harmful effects of the sun.

We've taken the hassle out of sourcing the best sun hat brands, staying up to date on trends & materials bringing you sun hats that are stylish and sun safe. Whether you like to travel, play golf, take long walks on the beach, have picnics in the park or simply enjoy being outside, we have the right hat for you!